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The most successful people today had to go through many mistakes and learn from them. If you strive for greater success, the journey is not always smooth sailing, so let your mind be open to lessons and realizations from mistakes.
You may have heard about success stories from prominent people from different areas including science and technology, entertainment, business, etc. Have you had someone tell you that “the best lessons in life come from success stories”? Alibaba CEO Jack Ma begs to differ. He believes that the best lessons in life that will inspire us and will carry us through whatever area we may be in are the mistakes other successful people may have committed in the past. In this blog, we will find out why we need to learn from other people’s mistakes and how this will propel us to our success.

Different Time-lines, Same Mistakes

We all know that it is inevitable to commit mistakes. For centuries, mankind has been making mistakes which some people may have also committed during their own time. We never really know if there is someone out there who is just like us making the same mistake on their own timeline. We all commit mistakes then, now, and even in the future. But what makes these mistakes significant is that they bring a lesson to all of us which will help us propel towards our success.

Lessons Taken From People's Mistakes

Why is it that mistakes bring significant lessons to us? For one, when we commit a mistake, we are made aware that the process we followed that resulted to it is not to be followed next time. And for another, other people’s mistakes give us a chance to make better decisions so we do not end up committing the same mistake as them. Mistakes let us realize where we lacked and what we did wrong. Mistakes also open our eyes and minds to new ways of achieving a certain goal.
The most successful people today had to go through many mistakes before achieving their goals. We can learn from their mistakes so that we do not end up committing those mistakes ourselves.Even Jack Ma himself had to commit several mistakes before being able to lift off his company which is now one of the biggest companies in the world.
So, to put it altogether, we just have to follow a simple principle if we are striving to become successful – LEARN FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S MISTAKES. Listen to their success stories but most importantly, let your mind be open to lessons and realizations from mistakes. Once you do it, there will be room for growth which will eventually propel to your success.
Instead of learning from other people’s success, learn from their mistakes.