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Lead and Leave A Successful Legacy

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Success is probably the goal of every person on the planet. It is the primary reason why we grind every day. And we come up with strategies for us to achieve such success. Ideas come to mind which will guide us so that we would know what to do and how to do it. But every person who grinds for success eventually has to rest at some point. But if you are the kind of person who envisions success in whatever it may be, you would want your work to be passed on and lived on for the next person who will continue your legacy. This concept is called LEADERSHIP. In this blog, we will learn the importance of leadership in different areas and how it impacts the success you have envisioned for something.

Success is both Individual and Collective

There are two (2) types of success – individual and collective. Individual success is described as success attained by one person or individual. A collective success, on the other hand, is one that is attained by a team or a group of individuals who work together. To put things into perspective, let us look at different areas where individual and collective success can be seen.
First illustration, in the area of team sports, one player practices on his/her own to enhance his individual skills in playing such sport. And then, he/she steps into the court or field to practice with his/her teammates. They do this so they could enhance their gameplay as a team.
Another illustration is in the area of work or business. An individual would do tasks assigned to him/her, finishing each and every one of them until he/she wraps up the day. But while he/she does that, this individual would join business meetings, company meetings and team meetings, contributing ideas for the growth and betterment of his/her organization.
The two illustrations mentioned show that individuals do their part first and foremost so that as they go and work with a team, altogether they achieve success. Individuals become successful when they are able to do their part excellently alongside a team of talented and hardworking people who also do their part. This goes to show that individual success can be done while attaining a collective success for your team. But, of course, a team would not go anywhere without a leader guiding them, encouraging them, and empowering them for success.

Leaders Leave a Legacy

There are people who started small and attained a huge success in front of them. But some people start small and are still in the process of attaining a huge success with his/her team. Now if you are a leader who has a vision of success in mind, you must pass on the concept to your team so that they would have the same vision as you. That way, you would be in harmony as you work your way together towards success. And when the time comes that you have to pass on the baton, someone should stand on your behalf. This person should have a vision of success for the team as you do. Find this person in your team and train them, empower them, and encourage them to lead. Pass on the concept and believe that this person is able to lead and live on your legacy.

Someone Will Succeed

Just like what Jack Ma says in one of his amazing quotes, once you passed on the concept, it will not matter if you succeeded individually because someone will always attain success for you and your team. So keep going, keep leading, and never lose hope on your colleagues/teammates because altogether, whether today or tomorrow, you will attain success.
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