The F Factor

The F Factor

As someone who has goals in life, may it be personal or career-wise, you work hard to reach those goals. And if you are still at the starting position to achieving your goals, it is inevitable that we all start small. We all have to start somewhere and be very focused on how we could grow bigger and bigger. Successful businessman and entrepreneur Jack Ma believes in the power of focus, which in this case, we call it “The Focus Factor” or “The F-Factor”. In this blog, we will learn why focus is so important for growth and achieving our goals.

Focus Keeps You on Track

Question…When you drive a car, where do you look? The wind shield or the rear view mirror? No one drives forward by looking at rear view mirrors, right? You are fixed on the road by looking at the windshield in front. This illustration is a great example of staying focused to keep ourselves on track of our goal. For us to stay on track on what we do, we need to fix our eyes on our goal. Yes, there will be distractions on the side. And the truth is that distraction causes delay. So it is up to us whether we will entertain distraction or not.

PRACTICAL TIP: Fix your mind on the job/task first so you can finish on time (even earlier) and that you can go home, relax, watch Netflix (maybe), and rest with peace of mind.

Focus Helps You Know Your Priorities

Everyday, we work hard to achieve what we need to achieve for that day. This is what we call Daily Goals. Daily goals are what we intend to achieve on a daily basis. Achieving such goals will serve as small steps to achieving our Main Goal. It is true that we all get our hands full with many many things to do daily for us to achieve our Daily Goals. Which is why we need to stay focused so that we would be able to have a sense of organization and that we would be able to know our priorities.

PRACTICAL TIP: Take down notes on what you need to do today. Create a To-Do List. Commit to it. Also, leave some room for spontaneous tasks and prepare yourself for such tasks.

Focus Gives You Clarity

In photography, Focus is the term used to identify which subject the camera focuses on and gives more emphasis and clarity. In the same way, when we are focused, our vision for success becomes clearer and clearer the more we work hard everyday. When we have clarity in our goals, we become more motivated to work harder. We then put value to our work. We add a high level of importance to our work. This will then result in us actually enjoying what we do which then makes our hard work less of a burden or routine. Isn’t it great when you are actually able to enjoy what you do and in the end achieve your goal? The secret to this is focus.

The Takeaway

Let’s face it, it is hard to focus especially right now that there are so many distractions all around us. But that’s the challenge, isn’t it? We cannot grow and outgrow ourselves without the challenge. Staying focused can be hard sometimes. But if we seriously commit to our goals, focus would be less harder by the day. So stay focused, reach your dreams, and achieve your goals.

“When you are small, you have to be very focused and rely on your brain and not your strength.” – Jack Ma

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