Take Your Chances…Always

Take Your Chances…Always

Life is full of choices – choices that will determine whether we will succeed in life. Success is the goal all of us wants to achieve. But it is also inevitable that life is full of challenges. And the journey will always show us how tough the going is. So how do we overcome these challenges and how do we persevere? Alibaba CEO and Multimillionaire Jack Ma shares his secret to his success – by taking chances. In this blog, we will learn the power of taking our chances as a key to our success.

What the Journey Teaches Us

It’s not new to all of us that we face difficulties in whatever area we are involved in. You might be trying to learn a particular skill such as playing the guitar or learning how to sing. In the business realm, you might be learning how to do sales and closing. You might be a fresh graduate hoping to get a job in a prestigious company. Wherever we may be in life right now, we strive hard to get to our goals. But no one ever said things will be easy. No one ever said that the journey is a bed of roses. Whether we like it or not, we will be faced with challenges along the way which begs the question – was this worth the risk?

Taking the Risk Means Taking Chances

In everything that we do, big or small, we take risks. There is no success story that exists where there was no risk taken. All the examples given on the previous point are all real-life situations that includes risking something to achieve the goal. The truth is that taking risks will always cost us something. But if we have a clear vision of our goal, we will always take our chances. Suddenly, the risk we took leads us closer to our goals. Taking our chances is a sign of perseverance. It is a sign if not giving up.

We Will Always Have the Chance If We Don’t Give Up

In one of Jack Ma’s quotes, he shared his insight about taking our chances. He believed that if we keep going in life and we don’t give up, chances are always available. He started out from nothing, was rejected so many times in a couple of job openings and had zero revenue on the first few years of his business. But with his dedication and perseverance, he took his chances and trusted the process. Now, he is the richest man in China and owns one of the biggest companies in the world, Alibaba. His success was the outcome of his perseverance, hard work, and him taking his chances.

What Can We Learn from Jack Ma?

Wherever we may be in life right now, there are a million chances that we can take every day. Our role is to make that decision to ALWAYS take our chances because if one chance doesn’t work out, we can always try and try and try to take all the chances we have. The only thing that we must do is to not give up.
“If you don’t give up, you still have a chance.” – Jack Ma

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