Hold That Dream and Make It Happen

Hold That Dream and Make It Happen

Much has been written and said about remembering our humble beginnings in life and in business. Remember the day you were looking for a sign if something was meant for you? And when it seemed liked it wasn’t, you gave up and forgot what it used to mean to you. That’s a sad way of throwing away your dream.

Stars don’t align the first time you look up in the sky at night. We all have dreams—those that we carry from our childhood days and dreams that we get to realize as we grow up and mature. Young or adult, we hold our dreams in life, like building our own business in the future. This is one dream that we ought to promise ourselves we should work hard for.
It does not only take a day or week to finally lead an ideal life; it takes patience, passion, conviction, and hard work. In other people’s cases, it takes blood, sweat, and tears to make things happen.

Why You Do What You Do

If you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, I have a question for you, “Why do you want to become one?” It might sound like an easy question but an important one.

Whether it runs in the family or a personal choice, you have to hold that dream until you make it happen. Jack Ma once said, “No matter how tough the chase is, you should always have the dream you saw on the first day. It’ll keep you motivated and rescue you (from any weak thoughts).”
Many of us can pick a lesson or two from the statement of Jack Ma. His words, which are meant to inspire people, remind us why we do the things that we do. We should not be afraid to look back on the reasons that make us dream and believe in ourselves. No matter how tough the journey gets, it is important to get back to that day you told yourself, “I could do that.”
The way we recognize our ability to achieve the lives that we want can sometimes make us lose confidence and drive. And when we invest too much of ourselves in the process, a single mistake can make us question, “Where did I go wrong?” or even say, “This is not for me.”

Continue Taking the Steps

There are times when we stumble, fall, and cry. Failure is not necessary, but it’s something that can challenge our determination and our very existence. As we should know, the road toward a successful career in business is not always rainbows and butterflies; there will be storms and dark nights where we see no moon and stars to give us light. But hey, there are times when we get to smile from ear to ear with our little successes too.

A major part of staying afloat in the industry stems from the willingness to understand the existence of competition and appreciating the presence of diverse business practices. There will be setbacks along the way that we cannot always prepare for, but we can overcome. A major part of surviving when something life-changing as failure happens is realizing why you want to go on that journey. In these moments, it’s easier to just run in the other direction, but if you remember why you started taking those steps in the first place, your why becomes your focus, anchor, and compass.

If you feel like you’re losing the battle, remember that every successful business owner you know used to share the same motivating and intriguing story. Drive your vision and continue to take the steps forward until you get to where you want to be. You can look back but don’t walk back.

“No matter how tough the chase is, you should always have the dream you saw on the first day. It’ll keep you motivated and rescue you (from any weak thoughts).” — Jack Ma

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