At Least Try

At Least Try

At Least Try


There is always a “risk” in doing something, especially something big. It could be anything. All of us who are in seasons in life have asked so many questions, but one question comes into place when talking about risk – CAN I DO IT? How does Jack Ma encourage us to at least try in the journey of life?

We All Have Questions for Every Season

You might be a student who is faced with a mountain load of schoolwork today. Have you ever asked yourself “Am I really gonna graduate from all of this?” Or you might be a fresh graduate looking to work on a huge company and you’ve probably asked yourself “Do I have what it takes?” Maybe you’re an individual thinking about starting a business. Have you asked yourself “will this be worth my investment?” In the area of relationships, have you asked “what if we don’t last until marriage?” In the area of family, have you asked “can I really become a good parent for my kids? Will I be a good partner to my spouse?”

Try, The Chances Are Limitless

All the questions mentioned go down to one common question – CAN I DO IT? Multi-million tycoon Jack Ma shares an amazing quote about taking the first step, or at least trying to take the first step. He implies that if we do not do something, nothing will happen. But if we take the first step of trying, the chances are limitless.

So, whatever area you may be in right now – studies, career, business, relationships, marriage, or family, if you ask yourself “CAN I DO IT?”, take the first step of doing it. If you can’t, at least try.

“If you’ve never tried, how will you know if ¬†there’s any chance?” – Jack Ma

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