The Beautiful Aftermath

The Beautiful Aftermath

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation where you can’t seem to find the right solution for your problem? Challenges rise everyday. In whatever area you could think of, there is always a challenge. And in every challenge, there is a tendency of failure. Some challenges tend to hit you to the core until you would reach your breaking point. In most cases, when this happens, people tend to give up. But did you know that every challenge and failure we face are stepping stones towards success? In other words, there is A Beautiful Aftermath in every challenge. With this, let us talk about one of the many inspirational quotes by Chinese Business Giant and Tycoon, Jack Ma.

Jack Ma has quoted a lot of inspirational lines in the past, including the one we are about to discuss in this blog. The quote goes “Today is cruel, tomorrow is crueler. And the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” What can we learn from this quote? How does this quote signify a “beautiful aftermath” towards success? Here are two (2) points to ponder on.

1. Success is Not Given, But Hard Earned

Everyday, we grind, we hustle, and we work hard to achieve success. But have you ever had someone tell you that there is an “easier” way to become successful without ever exerting any amount of effort and hard work? In layman’s terms, “EASY MONEY”? The truth is that any form of easy money is nothing more but a SCAM. Well-earned and hard earned success, if the term doesn’t ring a bell yet, requires hard work, dedication, and commitment. Real success is not given. One must work hard to attain such success. So if you are grinding and hustling everyday and you are at the point of exhaustion, never let yourself resolve to giving up. In fact, you are doing just fine when you work hard and you commit. You will surely reap the reward in due time and then you will say “IT WAS ALL WORTH IT”.

2. Success is Found in the Grind

Challenges come and go. After you overcome one challenge, there will always be countless more coming your way. But as long as you hold on to your passion and have fun in the process, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. The challenges , the hard work, and the grind will create a beautiful aftermath; becoming a better version of yourself. That, in itself, is a clear picture of success.

“Today is cruel, tomorrow is crueler. And the day after tomorrow is beautiful.” – Jack Ma

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